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More than once, you've probably searched your whole hard drive for a file without getting the best results. If you have a drive that is full of files and a processor that's not very fast, the search can take forever.

This won't be a problem any more thanks to Copernic Desktop Search, as you can use this practical utility to find any document, email, image, or multimedia file on your PC in a matter of seconds. You can also access your Internet data, such as your website history, favorites, contacts, emails...

The secret to the program's speed lies in the fact that it creates a complete index of your hard drive the first time you run it, and its content is constantly updated so that the program log always contains information about all of your PC's files and their locations.

Copernic is compatible with the Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird email managers and with the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
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